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Guide to Healthy Eating Takeaways

Takeaway food is not normally associated with Healthy Eating, however, by making some slight amendments to your order, you could end up eating healthy takeaway food!

Health Eating Pizza Takeaways
Thin Crust pizza’s are generally lower in calories, as opposed to deep pan, thick crust or filled crust pizzas. They also contain less salt. Instead of going for a mighty meat feast, change some of the toppings to vegetables, which are healthier, and will contribute to your ‘5-a-day’. Who’d have thought a takeaway would contribute!

Healthy Eating Kebab Takeaways
Chicken Kebabs are the healthiest options, as they contain less fat than a doner kebab. Try to swap the garlic dip for hummus, which is a chickpea and garlic dip, as it contains less fat. The chilli sauce is a mixture of tomatoes and chillies, so this is less fatty than the garlic. Try adding a jacket potato with salad, as opposed to chips.

Healthy Eating Fish and Chips Takeaways
Although a nice fish and chip takeaway is appealing anytime, if you are looking to lose a few pounds, an equally tasty option would be grilled fish, which is healthier, as it is not coated in batter. Also, try using an alternative to salt.

Healthy Eating Chinese Takeaways Food
Although a lot of the tastier Chinese food choices can contain amounts of salt, fat and cholesterol, there are lots of healthy options too.

My favourite, which is quite a healthy option, is chicken in black bean sauce. The chicken is high in protein, and the sauce contains beans and garlic. Try it with boiled rice, instead of fried rice. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Another healthy option is tofu, which is soya bean curd, and is low fat, low cholesterol, and iron rich.

Try avoiding alcohol with takeaways, instead try water or fruit juices.

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